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The Rebecca Movement In Carmarthenshire

The Rebecca Riots from 1839 to 1843 got their name from the fact that many (male) rioters dressed as women. Carmarthenshire was at the center of the action. The riots were protests against tolls that seemed to penalize agriculture in favor

Food In Carmarthenshire

Carmarthenshire is well known for the excellence of its food. Sewin is Welsh sea trout for which gourmands will travel considerable distances, but that is by no means the extent of the delicacies on offer. Cheese Caws Cenarth Cheese is produced

Rugby in Carmarthenshire

Although rugby football, along with soccer and cricket, is one of the three major sports given to the world by England, soccer is the national sport of the English while rugby dominates in Wales. It does not sit easily with Welsh

The Major Castles of Carmarthenshire

It is inevitable that a country often afflicted with warfare, then ruled by the Normans, and with a geography that favors the guerilla fighter, should be the site of many castles and so it is with Wales. Carmarthenshire has a number;

Physical Geography of Carmarthenshire

The main thing most people first notice about Carmarthenshire is that it’s a coastal county, and it has to be said that Llanegwad is not a coastal place – it’s inland, in an area of rolling, spreading farmland. The coast is

The History of Carmarthenshire

The history of Wales has a lot to do with the country’s geography; a land of mountains and river valleys lent (and lends) itself to defensive warfare. When the Angles and Saxons invaded the islands that were eventually to take the

Llanegwad In 1851

Llanegwad (and most of that part of Carmarthenshire) is today a predominantly agricultural area. It was the same in 1851. Looking at the census of 1851 and contrasting it with the population today reveals just how much farming has changed. Today,

Churches and Schools in Llanegwad Parish

It may seem strange that a parish with such a small population should have so many places of worship, but that’s Wales. St Egwad (Church in Wales) “The Church in Wales” is how the Anglican Church – the Church of England