It may seem strange that a parish with such a small population should have so many places of worship, but that’s Wales.

St Egwad (Church in Wales)

St Egwad (Church in Wales)“The Church in Wales” is how the Anglican Church – the Church of England – is described in its Welsh manifestation. Unlike the Church of England, the Church in Wales is not an established state church – it was disestablished in 1920 – which is why it’s called the Church in Wales and not – as was the case before disestablishment – the Church of Wales (though, strictly speaking, it was in fact at that point mostly still referred to as the Church of England.

Holy Trinity Church, Pontargothi

Holy Trinity is also part of the Church in Wales; although it describes itself as the Pontargothi church, it is in fact about 1 kilometer from there.

Church of St John

A third Church in Wales church, this time at Felin-gwm

While the Church in Wales describes itself as the ancient Christian church that has been there for 1.5 millennia, dissenting chapels in various flavors have been more popular in Wales than established churches and there are a number of chapels (the Welsh word for chapel is “capel”):

Capel Elim

A Baptist chapel dating from c1817. “Baptist” should not be interpreted as having the same meaning as Baptist churches in the southern states of the USA.


An “independent” chapel that began life in 1830, named in honor of Mount Sinai in the Holy Land.

Calvinistic Methodist Chapel at Nantgaredig

Calvinistic Methodists are today part of the Presbyterian Church of Wales, which is not connected to Scottish Presbyterianism and claims to be the only denomination of purely Welsh origin.

Calvinistic Methodist Chapel at Pont-yr-ynyswen

In fact, this is no longer active and is now a private house.

Siloam Chapel

An independent congregation at Pontargothi, dating from 1822


Llanegwad is not big enough to sustain its own secondary school, but has in the past had three primary schools:

Cwmcothi Primary School

Felingwm Primary School (now used as the Community Center)

Llanegwad Primary School