With its long history and a strong claim to being the oldest town in Wales, Carmarthen has plenty of inspiration to offer to a budding artist. The beautiful scenery, links to the legend of King Arthur and a vibrant community with a University campus and a lot of regeneration taking place in the town centre. It is no wonder it inspires art and culture to this day. Throughout the year there are plenty of festivals and art events and exhibitions in Carmarthenshire from poetry to music to painting and sculpture.

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Check out TheSchoolCreativeCentre.co.uk for accessible art courses be it painting. sculpture, dance, acting or writing. The focus is on the joy of self expression whilst making art classes relaxing, whatever the skill level or previous experience of the student. Making art and culture accessible to all, is the key to making it relevant and popular and help culture thrive. Following a creative path is not only enjoyable, but the key to a satisfying happy life. The more you open up to your own creativity, the more creative you become and this in turn can improve your life in many unexpected ways.

Accessible Culture and Arts in Carmarthen

The cultural life in the Carmarthenshire county town of Carmarthen is vibrant and active and there is much to explore both as an artist or as a spectator. The Lyric theatre for example, has an exciting programme of both locally produced shows and touring plays and musicals. And with the many important architecturally inspiring listed buildings in the town itself and breathtakingly beautiful countryside around it, inspiration is never hard to come by whether your are painting or writing. The local libraries and museums in Carmarthenshire take an active role in encouraging people to read and participate in the local cultural life with regular themed events and exhibitions.