Holy Trinity

The Baths of Alltyferin

Henry James Bath was the son of Henry Bath of Longlands (b. 15 August 1797, d. 13 October 1864 at Falmouth) and his first wife Susan Madge (b. 2 September 1798, d. 12. January, 1861.

He was born on 17 December 1821 (one of eleven children) and was educated at the Friend’s School, Didcot, and at the age of eighteen joined his father in the business of Henry Bath & Son and prospered.

He married Margaret, eldest daughter of Charles Lambert of Coquimbo, Chile, whose family lived in Alsace and were deputes and judges de Payes through the reign of Louis Philipe.

Henry James purchased lands in Carmarthenshire and built both the mansion called Alltyferin and Holy Trinity Church, Llanegwad. He lived in Carmarthenshire from the time the house was completed in 1868 until his death in 1875. He inherited the family property at Oystermouth and the house called Rose Hill built by his grandfather

He was a member of The Swansea Trust from 1859 to 1872; a Justice of the Peace for both Carmarthenshire and Glamorgan and was High Sheriff of the former county in 1869 when he obtained a grant of Arms to his father and sons of his body, similar to those in use by the family before the disuse of them by reason of such things being contrary to the principles of “Quakers”. He was a member of the Church of England and a great friend to that Church – building the chuch on the Alltyferin estate which today is used for services throughout the year and serves as a Chapel of Ease to the parish church of Llanegwad.

He died childless on 15 September 1875 on his return from a voyage to Chile, having suffered a stroke of paralysis on the home passage; his niece, Margaret Lambert also died on the voyage home and was buried at Llanegwad Church on the same day as was Henry James Bath. His estates passed to his nephew, Edward Henry Bath, the son of his brother Edward.

Henry James was widely known as a friend to the poor, and his widow was given to good works and lived a life of seclusion, devoting herself to the poor and needy, and helping those of her relatives who were in need.

His widow, Margaret, continued to live at Alltyferin until 1885 and died at Oxford in 1902 and the tower of Llanegwad Church was built to her memory.

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