Food In Carmarthenshire

Carmarthenshire is well known for the excellence of its food. Sewin is Welsh sea trout for which gourmands will travel considerable distances, but that is by no means the extent of the delicacies on offer.


Caws Cenarth Cheese is produced at Glyneithinog Farm near Castle Emlyn in the very north of the county. The business began in the 1980s when the introduction of milk quotas meant that dairy farmers had to find innovative ways of using their surplus. Perl Wen is a fine soft cheese that many connoisseurs, including the one writing this, believe is better than Normandy’s famed Camembert, while Perl Las is a more recently introduced soft blue cheese whose many admirers include Prince Charles.

Cothi Valley Produce operates from Cilwr Farm near Llandeilo, not far from Llanegwad, raising goats and making cheeses from the goats’ milk with names like Caws Talley, Caws Cynros and Talley Las.


The Dinefwr Estate, now owned by the National Trust, has raised fallow deer on its 800 acres for centuries and has won awards for its Dinefwr venison.

Ginhaus Deli

While in Llanegwad, make a point of visiting this wonderful delicatessen in nearby Llandeilo. There are lunches, tapas and excellent coffee from the kitchen, while the deli section offers:

  • local cheeses
  • charcuterie including Carmarthenshire ham and other locally sourced cold meats as well as cured meats and salamis from Spain and Italy and South African biltong

Rare Breed Pork

Also near Llanegwad is Cwmcrwth Farm where the lush grasslands of the Towy valley lend themselves to the raising of Oxford Sandy and Black pigs. They have cottages for tourists, too!

Ham and Bacon

Albert Rees, who has a shop at the Carmarthen Indoor Market, is a noted curer of ham and bacon. As well as superb bacon, try the Carmarthen ham – just as it is, or lightly fried.


At Pentre Road in St Clears, The Butcher Shop can sell 7,000 pies in a week: minced beef and onion; chicken, asparagus and champagne; Welsh lamb and mint; and cheese and bacon. Yum yum, pig’s bum! (Quite literally).

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